Innovative Business Solutions
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IBS - Innovative Business Solutions:

About IBS is a small technology consulting firm, helping clients transform, evolve, and standardize business processes in software solutions to supplement and support human thinking, analysis, and planning, which in turn shape the business process management systems in automation with digital transformations and operational intelligence.

Mission & Vision IBS follows technological trends in designing and implementing software solutions including cloud ecosystem, from the early Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming (OOP) in tiered system architecture to the current cutting-edges in microservices architecture, and helps drive clients' strategical initiatives into architectural solutions. IBS delivers our clients roadmaps towards technological advancements and solution implementations in solid software products.

Team Professionals at IBS are staying on the cutting-edges and most of them are certified technologists by either AWS - Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, or both. Our project management professionals are certified PMP (Project Management Professional) by PMI - Project Management Institute. Our team professionals have years of experience providing software solutions across a wide variety of buiness verticals and use cases to achieve the best qualities as we can for our customers.

Services Our professionals will provide clients initial free-assessments for the readiness of the technology advancements and help our clients start from small in architectural solutions, associating the clients' short-term objectives and long-term strategical goals, workshops, and milestone deliverables in solid software products.


Contact IBS via email at: contact@ibs-llc.net

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